Our purpose is to serve our customers and partners through our outstanding base business of world-class assets, strong growth prospects, leadership -plus the experience, capability and vision to make things happen.

We, Kern Finance, Inc. Help You;

  1. Organize your finances
  2. Spend less than you earn
  3. Put your money to work
  4. Limit debt to income / producing assets
  5. Continuously educate and devolop yourself
  6. Understand risk
  7. Maximize Your Employment Benefits
  8. Manage taxes
  9. Plan for the unexpected events

Choose Turkey to Benefit From;

  1. Successfull Economy
  2. Population
  3. Liberal and Reformist Investments
  4. Great Domestic  Market
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Energy corridor and thermal of Europe
  7. Low Taxes and Incentives
  8. Customs Union with the EU

Work With Us and Become Our Business Partner, because;

1- You can benefit from technology and banking services from KFDH

2- We help the clients make it as corporations starting from small businesses.

3- We have very transparent policy on the buiness

4- We can produce International and Individual solutions for financial products

5- We can provide highest security standarts to protect our clients

6- We are very cooperative


This web-site is owned by Hukuk Danismanligi ve Temsil Faaliyetleri and is authorized to trade all the financial products and services of Kern Finance, Inc.


As per Joint Working Agreement  ( JWA ) between Kern Finance, Inc. and Hukuk Danismanligi ve Temsil Faaliyetleri dated on Dec 5th, 2014, Hukuk Danismanligi ve Temsil faaliyetleri is fully authorized to proceed, to provide and to finalize the financial and legal consulting services on behalf of Kern Finance, Inc.

Hukuk Danismanligi ve Temsil Faaliyetleri performs the following duties  as the legal department of Kern Finance, Inc. (Head of Legal).

  • Submits its legal opinions on various legal matters as requested by the Trade Desk Of Kern Finance under the direction of the Principal.
  • Examines the drafts of regulations, contracts, written engagements and other such regulatory documents sent by the  Trade Desk of Kern Finance and presents its opinions.
  • Participates in the preparatory work of the regulation and contracts concerning the Bank, with the approval of the Trade desk Of Kern Finance
  • Follows, monitors, defends, carries out all necessary procedures to conclude the administrative and judicial (legal and criminal) lawsuits and debt enforcement procedures in which the bank is a party to at the relevant courts and authorities
  • Monitors and supervises the lawyers hired with the decision of the competent authority as an exception and restricted to a specific job,
  • In exceptional cases, asks for legal advice from sources outside the Bank, with the decision of the competent authority and when necessary,
  • Attends and offers legal assistance in meetings within the Bank or at public institutions and agencies and other institutions, with the permission and approval of the Principal,
  • Follows new legislation concerning the primary duties and powers of the Bank and informs the concerned units at the Bank,
  • Receives notifications from judicial and administrative courts, arbitrators, debt nforcement offices and public notaries sent to the Head Office and divisions of the Head Office on behalf of the Head Office; informs the former of the legal requirements and procedures,
  • Determines the fundamentals and procedures and gives instructions for transfer to the Head Office of the lawsuit, legal proceeding and debt enforcement notifications to the branches ,
  • Prepares general instructions to ensure uniform practice in addressing legal matters that the branches encounter,
  • Creates files pertaining to the lawsuits and legal proceedings pursued by the Head Office and the Branches.