We are genuine people – We do not ignore, we deal with the issues.

Customers can simply raise disputes within 15days to take advantage of the perks of Our Buyer Protection Policy.

At the point when payment is made for any purchase of product as well as services by the purchaser, the amount is not released to the Seller for some days from the date the payment was made. So, buyers need to register any fraud or issue within these days.

If in case, when a purchaser isn’t happy with the product/purchase from a Provider, the purchaser can avail Buyer Protection Policy within 15days from the date of payment. We will put forth a valiant effort to rectify the issue and come to a fair solution between both parties.

Potential Conditions for Buyer Protection Policy

Online Purchase

In the event that your thing doesn’t coordinate its depiction, is deficient or doesn’t turn up by any means, we have your back.


In case you have made payment but you have not received the service, mistakenly you have made double payments, your order has been cancelled or other cases like these. Don’t worry we are there for you!

What is covered?

You received a wrong product
You purchased another thing however got something already utilized
You bought 3 things yet just got 2
Your conveyance was missing significant parts that the vender didn’t uncover


Products that violates our policy
Anything you purchased personally
In case a dispute comes to end with a refund for the purchaser, or a discount of the complete cash less the as of now deducted charges will be made to the purchaser. The as of now deducted charges will fill in as a fine for the purchaser.

In any case, if the resolution doesn’t bring about a refund for the purchaser, the Provider is fined for the resolution.

We promote the merchant and the purchaser to communicate and come at a commonly agreeable solution. This will lessen the chance of discounts which may bring about a fine for both the parties. We put forth a valiant effort to give security to both the Provider and the purchaser the same