Hukuk Danismanligi ve Temsil Faaliyetleri is expert on the commercial loan and working capital and all other types of funds that we undertake.

We finance projects worldwide / internationally since our capacity and  financing capacity is not limited to any geographical location or any country. Our businesses cover Asia, Europe, Africa and North America to Australia. We can help you finance / lend (finance projects) your business dreams through commercial loans for asset-based loans, unsecured commercial loans, mergers and acquisitions, working  capital, import and export finance, start-up capital , debt consolidation, etc. Our goal is to help you with your immediate financial needs, as well as to develop a long-term partnership that will grow with your company as your needs change over time. Project Finance requires structuring experience and solid financial backing. Funding is required when the project proponent is building, expanding or acquiring a project.


However, we charge borrowers a minimum security deposit after their loan application has been reviewed and approved by our BoD (Boards of Directors) accordingly. The security deposit is also an insurance coverage for the loan that adequately protects the lender’s funds from any unforeseen circumstances as the case may be. Said Security Deposit is a refundable deposit to the borrower in 30 days (1 month) during his first monthly payment plan. We ensure that the borrower is adequately protected with respect to the payment of the Security Deposit, as we would ensure that an independent insurance / surety bond company would issue a security guarantee. Guarantee the indemnity of the borrower against any loss arising from not adhering to the terms of the loan or financing the project as a counter-payment measures to ensure all funds from the borrower / payment for the security deposit with respect.

In line with our KYC policy, you are expected to send us the following documentation for due diligence and the subsequent evaluation of your loan application before approval.

1. Scan a copy of your valid government issued identification

2. Scan Copy of current utility bill not more than 3 months old

3. Detailed purpose of the loan in your company Letterhead if any.

4. Certificate of business incorporation of the borrower’s company

5. C.I.S – Customer information sheet detailing information regarding the borrower


A. 2% interest rate for 12-24 months or more for commercial loans

B. The minimum loan amount for commercial loans / commercial financing is $ 1 million.

C.Client is required and is required to pay the cost of the Security Deposit to an Escrow Company Account to allow us to cover INSURANCE / COT / VAT and other miscellaneous items (Security Deposit / Security Deposit) before transferring the loan to the beneficiary / client account.

D. Executive executive business of the client

E.Loan Duration from 1 year – 15 years maximum

F. Geographic coverage: global / global without restrictions or limits.

G. A counter-payment guarantee bond is an issuance to the borrower to indemnify him / her for not complying with or fulfilling the term of the loan contract respectfully for the amount payable for the guarantee deposit / bond.

F. Companies can be profitable or have a negative net income

G. Zero credit controls are required

H. Evaluation, approval and disbursement of loans within 7 business days.

We are offering loan / investment funds to cooperate with organizations, companies, industries and individuals with profitable commercial ideas and investment projects in any area of expertise that can compensate 20% of the accumulated return of the funds invested. The amount of this loan is between USD $ 500,000.00 and USD $ 100,000,000.00 for Kern Finans ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri & Business Loans if the client also wants to insure this amount. This loan lasts from 12 months to 180 months with a grace period granted at the discretion of the Lender to the Borrower at his request.

We offer our clients the advantage of knowledge and experience of various aspects of financial transactions of a project, covering all phases from concept to implementation, development, construction, acquisition and sale.


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We assist our clients with the complex phases of project development. Our strong commitment to providing superior client service is reflected in the way we selectively and efficiently staff projects. At the core of this client-focused staffing is the belief in cultivating project teams that develop an in-depth understanding of our clients, their industries and their individual projects.