The Working System

Kern Finans ve Danismanlik Hizmetleri has been working on the below criteria ;

Analysis: By observing your firm ‘in action’ or conducting an analysis through telephone interviews and written questions, I can focus on those areas where there’s inconsistency and inefficiency. I’ll recommend changes to your systems and procedures to eliminate those problems, and together we’ll create strategies that work for your practice.
Assessments and surveys can pinpoint communication and management styles and to identify the individuals within the firm that will be the most successful in specific roles. We can also assess your current strategies to determine where you may be falling short, and what can be done about it.
Compensation systems that reward what you want to reward. Most firms want to encourage innovation, creativity, networking, mentoring, marketing, and a host of other ‘non-billable’ activities, but their compensation systems don’t reflect the value of anything but ‘billable hours.’ We’ll identify ways that your firm’s compensation and benefits systems can foster the behaviors the firm wants to foster.
Performance: Use performance evaluations to show your employees their importance within the firm, identify strengths and correct weaknesses that hold them back from achieving their own career goals. 360 degree feedback programs get all employees involved. Even partners can learn from associates and staff how to be a better leader and manager.
Strategic Planning:Stop running your practice in ‘reactive’ mode and plan instead for the future you want for your firm. Protect your firm against the unexpected: injury, illness, disability, natural disasters, and technology malfunction, and prepare for the inevitable: retirement and the continuation of your firm.
Procedure and systems development: Design and implement changes in culture, structure and systems so that your firm works more effectively.
Client management and development:Identify and profile your ideal clients. Learn how to attract them to your firm – and take action to get those clients in the door . Ascertain shortcomings and develop strategies to manage clients’ expectations from the outset of the engagement so that there are fewer surprises – and fewer complaints about your bills. Pinpoint key issues, measure satisfaction, identify new ways to help clients, and recommend strategies for improvement to build client loyalty.
Services can be offered through a variety of structures, including intensive sessions, projects, scheduled services, and retainer agreements.

Intensive Sessions:
Intensive half day or full day programs conducted in your office. The intensive session helps to define the priorities that will enable you to move the practice forward in the quickest and most efficient fashion. In one ‘blockbuster’ session, we can explore many issues and make much more significant progress than we can with shorter sessions stretched over a long period of time.
Fees for intensive sessions vary based upon the number of individuals from your firm who will be attending, and may include expenses such as travel and accommodations. Fees for intensive sessions are paid in advance, at the time of scheduling.
Projects: Working on a project basis is most successful when there is one specific, finite area that you’d like to work on, or would like me to work on. Examples include creating website copy, performing a website analysis or deconstruction, conducting a client survey, designing and implementing a particular system, such as a system for handling accounts receivable, etc.
Project fees can only be determined after an initial consultation, during which we outline the scope of the project. Project fees are paid in advance, at the time of scheduling.
Scheduled Services: Scheduled services can be performed in person, virtually, or a combination. When you opt for a scheduled program, we designate specific time when we will work together. Knowing that you’ve got a scheduled session with me makes you much more likely to actually sit down and do what it takes to move your plans forward. Most of my work with clients is done virtually – over the telephone and by email.
Retainer Services: The monthly retainer provides access to Kern Fnans, our advice and counsel by telephone, email and, where agreed, on-site visits with your office to aid in the progress of your goals, without restriction on the number of sessions conducted. You will have access at all times by email and telephone.